Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mediterranean Gulls

Taking pictures of Gulls I realized about the red spot they have on their peak. Turn out to have a clear Darwinian reason to be, or so think I. Gull chicks are born with the inclination to peck flesh, which sounds a good survival instinct to have. Adult Gulls have a fantastic red Target for their offspring to peck against and beg for food. This urges the fathers to regurgitate and feed the baby.

Another thing I saw is that youth Gulls have black peak and different feather. I also guess it's good not to show the fleshy spot until it's really needed.

I wonder if nature is so smart or I'm being too smart and making mistakes in my ignorance.


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frikosal said...

No se si es correcta tu interpretacion, en cualquier caso, felicidades y a por mas.

Las gaviotas son complicadas, hay un monton de especies y no las conozco. ¿Tienes una guia de aves?

Efectivamente, el quebra negro es joven. Pero los adultos no tienen las plumas anarajadas de forma natural: se las pintan usando barro con oxido de hierro.

Es una seƱal de que ya estan en edad de merecer, tal vez el pico de las gaviotas tambien, no lo se.