Monday, May 14, 2007

Love is in the air, bee-eater (II)

Today at noon my little couple of bee-eaters gave me a love lesson and proved what I've read: that males of this species hunt insects that then offer to their couples. Now I can assure you that this is true and the sequence of pictures I've posted proves so.

In this web you can listen to the sound of the Merops apiaster

Bad news regarding the nest, the soil may be too hard and since last Friday they haven't carved much, maybe 4 inch. Since I've read that those nests are 3 to 8 feet deep, it would take them 27 days to reach the 3 feet. Too much.

Due to the love they show I'm going to call them Mr and Ms Mosquito.

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Muchas gracias, y mis disculpas por no haber pasado antes por aquí (pasé el fin de semana en Piedralaves).
Por otra parte, la primera vez que visitasre mi blog, creo que lo hiciste sin enlazar desde tu apodo, por lo que no pude localizarte.
Pasaré esta entrada por algún traductor en línea, aunque más o menos, entiendo la misma.
Un placer.