Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wind mills seen from Montserrat

In solidarity to this post I decided to put this picture from Montserrat were you can see at the end, between clowds, a wind mill farm delivering precious green energy.

To escape from green house effect we can't accept nuclear power as an alternative resource. Governments should penalize nuclear energy and promote R&D investment into solar energy and other green energy sources. Let's ask parties what they have to say on that topic.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wild Clove Pink

Yesterday (Nov-11th) I was walking with my friend bufaforat (now we call anyone a friend) between Montcau and La Mola. We both got attracted by this small Clove that was blooming at the shadow of an oak. Through the oak some sun light was reaching the flower making it magically shine.

I read that this wild Clove blooms during spring and summer around the Mediterranean. So, can we call November a summer extension? Let's make us a favor: consume less!


Find flower location in google map below:

Mostra un mapa més gran

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Head or tail?

Nature is full of surprises. This curious caterpillars were ending with a wild rose, like a pest, they terminated with tho thirds of it's leafs. But what really draw my attention was the capacity they had to confound it's tail by it's head. It took me a wile to realize that what it seemed a threatening head it was in fact a floating tail.

Do predators get confused by this tail's shape and color? did this triggered a genetic advantage?