Saturday, May 19, 2007

A friend told me...

I have a friend that was living a gray life under the stress of day to day work in a polluted city. This friend suddenly found the blog of someone he knew. He got amazed by beautiful images uncovering nature's best hidden face. The power of the text coming with the images was a pleasure to read. So my friend started to comment on that blog using a nick name. In his ignorance started to make ironic comments that pissed the blog's owner. The owner of the blog deleted his comments and my friend got angry to a point to start an e-war.

That made no sense and luckily things moved to positive. Now my friend is addicted to the blog and tries to help with positive comments. My friend loves the 'out of the box' creative mind of the blog owner and feels admiration for his work and personal quests. He is now willing to uncover his real name but has doubts. From one side he will benefit from open conversation with the blog owner, but on the other side, like in good movies, once the 'bad guy' is uncovered the film looses all it's magic mystery and decays.

What would you recommend to my friend? continue with the hypocrite mask or destroy the mystery?


Benjamin Linus said...

I once was Henry Gale. Pretending to be another is common practice. No need to shame, be proud of it. The art of manipulation is a gift not many posses.

treehugger said...

Whoever you are Benjamin, I'm not going to follow your advice. I've made the determination to show who is hidding under "treehugger". Maybe after two or three more posts?. Stay tunned.