Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I like my friend "Estif"

Relations with other people had never been easy for me. Some individuals make me feel small when I talk to them. Others put me in defense as I don't trust them. But there are certain individuals that are special. I don't know why but they make me feel comfortable. They understand and care about what I say, I have this feeling of 'connection' that makes conversations and pauses flow spontaneously.

Steve is one of those nice people that makes me comfortable, cheers to you!


Shakespeare said...


Asllu kan sii, mai ingliss is not gud atol, bat I guil trai tuiusit. Ai nou TreeHugger lontaim ago, and I jaf the lac of nowinj Estif tu. Boz ardis kaind of pipol dat maikyu praud of jaf laik frends, briliant in deir guork, onest and nais.
Ai agrii compliteli guiz TreeHugger abaut de releisons guiz oder pipol. De guords from jim aplai olso for mi. In fiu guords, TH jas sumaraiced guat a fren is, and guat frenschip mins, conection betuin pipol...
Disis mai ferst post in a bloj, ai faundis TreeHugger bloj verifani, so kipit alaif! Ai laikit!!!

G.W.Bush said...


This comment is to talk about Shakespeare's comment above. It's a shame that people like this 'Shakespeare' post something in a blog. For me, the comment has to be deleted ASAP, and do not allow 'Shakespeare' to post more messages of the same type.
Blogs are useful places to make a 'mirror' of pleople's thoughts and hobbies, and let another people to post comments about them, not to blame a language like English and the name of the English best ever writer.
If this 'Shakespeare' is not able to write in English, I encourage him to write in his/her mother tongue, so all the users of the blog could read it without having stress at the end of the post...

Anonymous said...

Mr Bush,

Hey mr Imperialist...what's wrong with you? Do you think that because of your 'decent' english skills you can blame those who haven't them? Let people express themselves the way they want! Nobody is forcing you to read someone else's comments. This is what web2.0 is all about: Freedom of speech.
Shame on you, Bush, shame on you.


treehugger said...

Ok, ok, Shakespeare, Bush and Moore, thanks for pissing on my blog. You believe you are cool and funny but you are not! you are freaking sucking idiots and I will find who you are... and then... get ready for the HuggerRevenge, ho, ho, ho... ha, ha, ha... Whaaha, Whaaha, Coff, Coff... Ouch.


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