Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Death in the fennel

I was following a beautiful Caterpillar of papilo machaon. I was fantasizing on finding it's pupa and view life it's butterfly's birth. I even took a high macro picture of one of its tiny spiracle that they use to breath. I was amazed when accidentally I found the osmeterium, the most bizarre defense organ I've eve seen. That Sunday, the osmeterium failed and a wasp that was scrutinizing the fennel up and down ended with my friend's life as well as with my illusions.
Master Free-Koh would bring 'Confucius' on board and talk about the rights of the wasp to exist. In any case, since that day that I took this picture I hate wasps!


frikosal said...

Grandisim valor documental, la teva millor foto d'insectes (fins ara).

treehugger said...

Qui vol anar de safari a l'africa tenint aquests depredadors al jardí!

Gràcies pel comentari, em carrega les piles per a seguir el dur ofici.