Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fight between a spider and a wasp

This could had been the picture of my life, a spider chasing a wasp or the other way around. Who knows. Anyway I got two amazing creatures in emotion action. I got the perfect ring with this white flower rich in details... But I failed with the focal plane that doesn't include the wasp. I keep saying to myself, -If at least I had the aperture to f12 instead of f5...
Why perfection is so unreachable?

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frikosal said...

"Why perfection is so unreachable?"
Era una foto molt complicada, per començar tira a F16 i 1/160 com a minim, en manual i amb un cop de flash. Posa el ISO que faci falta.

Sempre et queda el metode de la gamba..
Quedem un dia si vols.