Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bombylius Major landing on a flower

This graceful creature is commonly called a bee fly, as it feeds on nectar and pollen. It's color and shape can resemble also a bee. But if you find any, there aren't many but it's not rare. You will see that it's gracious flight it's very different than the 'hurry up' type of flight of a bee. Bombylius flight is that of a weight less nymph that even when lays down seems like it doesn't touch the ground. You have to experience it. Can't be explained.

The picture was taken in the Parc natural del Cadi i Serra del Moixeró

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frikosal said...

Efectivament, si t'hi fixes no es tant escas. Llastima el focus a la flor, es una bona foto, molt dificil.