Monday, January 5, 2009

I've seen the light, I'm born again.

This is my oficial certificate of ordination from the church of the latter-day dude.

Last saturday I saw the big levowsky and turned it to be a mistical revelation, a message from the universe to me.

After some web browsing and aknowledging the grate philosophers that are included in dudeism, like Lao Tzu,
Kurt Vonnegut, Ghandi and Snoopy himself I decided to fully embrace this, my new religion.

Peace for all of you dudes,

And take it easy ;-)


nomesploraria said...

Sempre he sabut que ets un modern, un yeyé, vaja

Erna Ehlert said...

has conseguido que me ría a gusto que ya vol di en aquet mon que vivim.

Un abrazo

igniszz said...

Estàs com un llum!

katie said...

hysterical. and the big lebowski is one of my favorites. ;)

Le Mosquito said...