Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hot spots from the sensor of my canon 350D

The day I took this night picture I started a journey into sensor defects. Even if I reduced the image size you can clearly see red and blue spots in it. This spots turn out to be 'hot photosites' and are defective areas of the sensor were leakage current heat the sensor and burn the electronic film.

You can see in the posted image that my sensor has three types of defects, the red spots, the blue spots and the white dots. Some are bigger than others and they all increase with ISO sensitivity and time exposure. The ugly thing of my sensor is that even at ISO100 and 1/2 second I have clear defects.

What camera do you have dear reader? can you make me a favor? take a black picture with your camera, just leave the cover on and use this settings: ISO400, 30 seconds, jpg format at max resolution, no contrast or sharpening increase. Send the picture to abracaarbres(flower) and indicate the model of your camera and the ambient temperature when you took the image. Temperature is quite inportant, in the case of my camera the defects I get using ISO1600 at 5C look similar to the defects of ISO100 at 30C

Here a list of sensor defects
Here an interesting page on sensor noise that a good friend has forwarded me


frikosal said...

Ei, t'ha quedat be per a un congrès d'ufologia !
Els links son interessants.
No et preocupis més del conte, totes les màquines en tenen de hot pixels.
Quan pugui te la envio.

igniszz said...

És molt interessant aquesta entrada, sobretot pels usuaris de la 350D jeje.

Quedo parat de la quantitat de defectes que capten els sensors.

T'enviaré fotos a diferents ISO i temperatures per contrastar resultats si vols.

Està clar que ens haurem de passar a la 5D Mark II. Ja podem començar a estalviar!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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