Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My new bike

Yes, this is my new bike.

I have about 15 km from home to my work place. Going by bike is the most planet friendly way, unfortunately I'm not in good shape.

And here is the trick: I've bough an electrically assisted bike!!! I already tryed it once and it works, I've been able to go and come back in quite good shape.

I'm changing 3.5 EUR of gasoil for 0.05 EUR of electricity, that in Spain, has a big chunk of renewal energy.

The only weak point of the system is the battery. Don't know it's carbon footprint, but needs to be replaced every 2 years, or that's what they have selled me.


Paco Amor said...

Your bike in Jail?

Oh, my cat!

Pakus, para Lazy Blog said...

Nice one! ;)

diminuto blog said...

Mira tú el tontolhaba de arriba, qué chistoso.