Thursday, December 9, 2010

Javier Rami

Javier Rami explaining the details of his icredible masterpiece: a manger full of moving statues.

Located in his garage, in Peralta de la Sal, Javier likes to explain to visitors all the tiny details and scenes that he has recreated: from day to night we have seen snow to fall down, a cocodrile eating a goose, the smith forging a sword, mother pig giving milk to its piglets. Two kids play with a baloon that moves from one another. Smoke is coming from the houses, it's thyme that burns as needed. The anglels descending from the roof of the garage... till more than 300 moving figures.

This manger is powered with a complex labrint of recycled engines, compressors, pumps, hand made power control rouletes, bicycle chains... all of them working in harmony to give life to this incredible engineering marvel.

Don't miss it if you can!. Will open from dec-4th to Jan-6th, saturdays, sundays and holidays from 11 to 13 h. and from 16 to 20 h. More information at: +34 652 094 523


MartinAngelair said...

Qué bueno!!!


Paco Amor said...

deus ex máchina.

flower said...

Yo nací cderquita. Ese belén lo he visto varias veces. Es muy chuli!