Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paella for two hundred

Oscar, sweating in front, is mixing the rice and Johny below is adding the broth.

The restaurant were I use to lunch makes untasty rice on thursdays, they pretend to call it paella. I've allways belived that it was imposible to cook a good paella for a large amount of people. Oscar and Johny this summer have proved that, even with the limited equipment, you can make a decent paella for ~200.

Congratulations guys!


MartinAngelair said...

Ya se hace habitual verte entre amigos,...

...y si sumo el hambre de esa paella,...nos traemos al momento a más,...
...empezando por Futuro Bloguero,... (y sus amigos,...:)

Pero para ser sincera, aquí, lo que más me pesa,...es esa paella.


diminuto blog said...

No sé si ya estará pasada, pero me pido ración, por si ocaso.