Sunday, February 15, 2009

We all jump

Jump, jump, jump... we all jump.

And when we realize, we already got 40.

But don't worry Edu,

jump, jump, jump...

and next year 41.


The dart in the word said...

I think you should have written...

And then, we all realiced we had 40.

Nice shot

Erna Ehlert said...

Y espera te, contra mas mayor mas rápido pasa la vida.

Muy bonita esta foto con los saltamontes en movimiento!

Un saludo

frikosal said...

Si, uno se da cuenta y ya tiene 40 pero: (1) en realidad si se piensa bien si que hemos vivido muchas cosas (2) la infancia, por lo menos la mía, no fue una época feliz.

Tremendo lo que dice Erna, todo cada vez más rápido. Habrá que disfrutar de cada salto como si fuera el último.

Buena foto, en el estilo TH, que lo tiene.

katie said...

hey treehugger... in response to your comment on my blog... i didn't 'force the saturation', although, it does look way oversaturated on my pc at work, versus my macbook at home. hmmmm. i did shoot it at twilight and i brought in my levels to the bell edges in photoshop... not sure what's going on when it's printed. which speaking of, are you making prints of my work?

Le Mosquito said...

(también Frikosal)

Anonymous said...

I like the shot very much.

Jump, jump you too
and get 42

Happy birthday Treehugger.