Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spring at its best in the Pedraforca

This weekend we have been into the Pedraforca. Spring was at it's best, all green and with thousands, millions of flowers blooming. This picture is from Sunday morning I was driving to the mountain when I had to stop my car at the sight of a beautifully light ray that was illuminating the mountain. I was not fast enough to capture it but I was lucky to stop the car close to this first stage flowers that make the mountain look prettier.

See this other picture I found in flickr!


Anonymous said...

A veure si actualitzem...

Le capollo inmasquerato

treehugger said...

Buf, això de tenir un blog es molt esclau i fa creixer en mi l'admiració per a els que saben mantenir la constancia.

Gràcies senyor "capollo inmasquerato" per insistir.